Plouffe: GOP trying to 'vilify' green energy

Senior White House adviser David Plouffe defended President Obama’s embattled energy policies Sunday by calling GOP attacks on alternative energy sources “dangerous.”

“Sadly . . . this used to be a very bipartisan idea, sadly, the Republicans running for president, many Republicans here in Washington, kind of vilify this, almost mock it, and it is only going to determine our future. It is a very dangerous thing,” he said on Fox News Sunday.

Plouffe defended White House policies amid intense GOP attacks over rising gasoline prices. Pump prices loom as a political threat to Obama heading into his reelection fight.

Obama gave a series of speeches in four states last week that voiced support for expanded oil-and-gas drilling, green energy investments and the administration’s increase in auto mileage standards.

Energy industry experts, however, say policymakers have limited options to lower gas prices, which are linked to oil prices set on world markets.

Plouffe reiterated that a release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is an option. He emphasized that it would be used to address crude supply problems, not simply as a way to try and lower prices.

“It is an option that is obviously on the table,” he said. Plouffe also noted that there are currently “some supply issues,” pointing to problems in Libya and the Sudan.