Apple CEO: Fighting climate change is 'core value' of company

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Monday that action to help mitigate climate change is a "core value" for the technology giant.

Speaking to business executives and global leaders at a New York City event on climate change ahead of the United Nations summit, Cook said Apple is taking measures to minimize its footprint, touting green checklists throughout its supply chain, Mashable reports.

“Apple has a very core value of leaving the world better than we found it," Cook told U.N. climate envoy Christiana Figueres at an event sponsored by the nonprofit The Climate Group. “There is no one out there that wants the planet to continue to go in the wrong direction.”

Last year, Cook explained, Apple decided to get all of its power for its data centers from renewable sources. They did it by building a solar farm.

“It’s great for the environment and it’s also good for economics, it’s both,” he said.

On top of commitments from government leaders, the U.N. climate summit is meant to boost involvement from the private sector.

A number of large and small corporations are expected to make pledges to curb emissions and tackle climate change.