News bites: Study questions natural-gas climate benefits, pump prices may have peaked, and more

The Wall Street Journal (sub. req’d.) reports on a new scientific study that questions the climate benefits of natural gas due to leakage of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, at production sites.

“The study authors said methane leaks from the production and transportation of natural gas should be studied in greater detail before the U.S. adopts any major policy shifts,” the piece states.

The Los Angeles Times reports that “the painful rise of gasoline prices across the U.S. may have reached its end.”

The Associated Press reports that oil prices dropped again Tuesday as “weak March hiring raised the prospect that U.S. crude demand will remain tepid.”

The Houston Chronicle
chats with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who really digs his job.

Bloomberg reports that natural-gas giant Chesapeake Energy is selling $2.6 billion in assets to cut debt and fund drilling amid falling gas prices that have eroded cash flow.

The Wall Street Journal (sub. req’d.) also reports that what’s old is new again when it comes to offshore drilling.

“Energy companies are striking oil in a place many abandoned long ago: the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico,” the paper reports.