Group hits Obama over fuel mandate in ads

Biofuels group Fuels America is launching an ad campaign in Washington, D.C., targeting President Obama over the administration’s proposed renewable fuel mandate.

The Environmental Protection Agency proposal retreated on the amount of ethanol and biofuels that refiners would have to blend into the nation’s fuel supply in 2014 for the first time since the standards were implemented.

While the administration has indicated the final rule will raise the levels for biofuels from the amounts in the proposal, renewable fuel advocates are upset.

Fuels America’s campaign will include digital ad buys and video ads on Washington news websites, and a radio ad on WTOP in Washington.

The 60-second radio hit slams Obama for allegedly going back on his promise to “invest in biofuels.”

“The president says he wants more investment in these next generation fuels ... but his own administration is standing in the way,” the ad states.

“The EPA is changing the rules for oil companies — letting them deny consumers access to more renewable fuel choices.”

The ad uses a refrain it has typically saved for attacks on lawmakers who oppose the renewable fuel mandate, urging its members to “tell President Obama, don’t gut the Renewable Fuel Standard.”