Brazil wants richer countries to step up on climate

Brazil’s environment minister said she wants more developed countries to take the lead in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Izabella Teixeira said she expects the United States and other top nations to come to next month's United Nations conference on climate change in Peru with concrete plans to cut emissions.

“We want [developed] nations to make promises for strategic reductions of emissions — that is what we’re looking for in Lima,” Teixeira told The Associated Press. “What’s their plan?”

Teixeira said the Peru conference is an essential step toward the U.N.’s hope to set a binding, global agreement to fight climate change at a meeting next year in Paris.

Her comments highlighted a rift that has persisted for decades within international climate negotiations.

Poorer countries believe that their more developed counterparts hold more of a responsibility to cut their emissions, as they have largely been the ones to pollute large volumes historically.

The richer countries want big developing countries like Brazil, China and India to limit emissions as they grow.

Brazil said in 2009 it plans to cut it emissions by 39 percent by 2020, a goal it now says it can reach four years early, the AP reported.

Brazil has also taken strides toward increasing its use of renewable energy sources and curbing deforestation. Now Teixeira wants Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nations to do their part.

“How will they come close to having nearly 50 percent of their entire energy matrix coming from renewable energy?” she asked.