News bites: Romney energy adviser gave to super-PAC

The Associated Press reports that Harold Hamm, an energy adviser to Mitt Romney, is also a big donor to a super-PAC associated with the candidate.

More from AP: “Hamm, whose company did not return telephone calls from The Associated Press, is among a group of energy tycoons who have made lucrative donations to Restore Our Future, a super-PAC supporting Romney. Unlike the others, Hamm has matched his contributions with his role personally advising Romney on energy policy — blurring the line between the campaign and the super-PACs that support them but are legally barred from coordinating with candidates.”

Update: NBC broke the Hamm news Monday.

Britain outlined plans to finance new nuclear power plants this week, The New York Times reports.

Federal regulators approved a natural-gas pipeline that will pass under the Hudson river, according to the Times.

NPR examines mining in Mongolia.

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