News bites: US energy firms seek Burma deals, Chesapeake officials face the music, and more

Reuters sets the table for Friday’s annual meeting of troubled natural-gas giant Chesapeake Energy.

The Wall Street Journal reports that “U.S. energy giants Chevron Corp. and General Electric Co.are seeking deals in Myanmar as Washington slowly removes investment restrictions.”

The Associated Press reports that EPA is taking legal action over alleged pollution from coal mining in Kentucky.

“A group of coal companies owned by a massive India conglomerate ran illegal surface mines in eastern Kentucky that polluted waterways, according to lawsuit filed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,” AP reports.

Bloomberg looks at a problem facing the build-out of coal-fired power plants in China and India: Access to cooling water.

“The two countries have not adequately considered the water needs of their proposed coal plants in their plans, Peter Evans, GE’s director of global strategy and planning, said yesterday at a seminar in Tokyo,” the news service reports.