Gore bashes Romney on green jobs

Al GoreAl GoreThe Mike Pence I know GOP senators blast Ginsburg comments about Trump Feehery: Could Trump’s VP pick be a deal-breaker? MORE is bashing Mitt Romney for obscuring the truth over how many green jobs are being created. 

Gore writes that Romney and other conservatives want to bury the facts about the size of the green-energy economy.

“It should no longer be a surprise the lengths to which Mitt Romney and other conservatives will go to obscure truth in pursuit of their narrow ideology,” the former vice president wrote on his blog late Wednesday afternoon.

Gore’s post links to an item on the climate-change blog hosted by the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank with deep ties to the White House, which on June 13 touted the number of “green jobs” in states along the route of Romney’s recent bus tour.

“Case in point was the recent bus tour on which the Republican candidate campaigned against green jobs in states where hundreds of thousands have been created,” Gore wrote in a two-sentence commentary that introduced the post on the Climate Progress blog.

Climate Progress, for its part, criticized Romney’s skepticism about “green jobs,” citing an op-ed Romney published last year that alleged White House efforts to expand the green economy have been a failure.

Romney's piece had flagged the collapse of the solar firm Solyndra and more broadly said the very idea of “green jobs” is often “illusory.”

On Capitol Hill, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) in particular has been sharply critical of Obama administration efforts to tally and boost employment in green economy sectors.

Counting and even defining green jobs is a tricky process. The Brookings Institution took a swing at it in 2011 with an in-depth report that included state-by-state tallies, which Climate Progress used to bludgeon Romney.

According to the Brookings tally, green economy jobs in states that Romney recently visited include roughly 105,000 in Ohio and almost 119,000 in Pennsylvania.