News bites: Anger follows big utility merger

The Charlotte Observer looks at the aftermath of the merger of Duke Energy and Progress Energy.

“Pressure is building on Duke Energy to explain why it ousted Bill Johnson as CEO this week, as former Progress Energy board members break their silence and express outrage at what they term a calculated deception,” the paper reports.

Platts has the latest on the oil workers’ strike in Norway. From its piece:

The Norwegian government is expected to step in promptly to stop an industry lockout of offshore workers that would have caused a complete shutdown of oil and gas production next week as early, union leaders, analysts and company executives said Friday.

The Associated Press reports that five people have died in protests against a major mining project in Peru.

Reuters reports that U.S. ethanol production dropped to its lowest level in 10 months last week “as dwindling pre-harvest corn stocks crushed profit margins, while a deepening drought in the Midwest threatens to extend the pain into next year.”

Reuters also looks at the U.S. Navy’s controversial biofuels program.