News bites: Obama official says climate change has ‘evil twin’

The Associated Press reports that a top Obama administration scientist, on a visit to Australia, warned Monday that climate change is threatening coral reefs and food security.

"The speed by which the oceans’ acid levels has risen caught scientists off-guard, with the problem now considered to be climate change’s 'equally evil twin,' " National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration chief Jane Lubchenco tells AP.

The Wall Street Journal reports on divisions within OPEC.

“Gulf OPEC members, including Saudi Arabia, oppose a call for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to hold an emergency meeting to discuss prices, delegates said Sunday, two days after the group's president sent member countries a request by Iran to meet,” the paper reports from Dubai.

The Houston Chronicle explores a petroleum industry effort to improve the image of Canadian oil sands.

Reuters reports on the continued intrigue surrounding the surprise ouster of Progress Energy’s CEO after the company’s merger with Duke Energy.

“North Carolina officials late Friday launched two investigations into the surprising move by Duke Energy Corp directors to replace former Progress Energy Chief Executive Bill Johnson with Duke CEO Jim Rogers, just a day after a deal to create the largest U.S. utility company was finalized,” the news service reports.