News bites: Setbacks for Shell’s Arctic push, German leader’s climate plea, and more

The Houston Chronicle reports that Shell’s plans to drill off Alaska’s coast this summer have suffered a “series of setbacks” in recent days.

Wired magazine reports that hackers have targeted oil companies over Arctic drilling.

From its online piece:

Five top multinational oil companies have been targeted by members of Anonymous, who published about 1,000 email addresses for accounts belonging to the firms, as well as hashed and unencrypted passwords.

The hacks, against Shell, Exxon, BP and two Russian firms, Gazprom and Rosneft, were conducted as digital protests against drilling in the Arctic, a practice that critics say has contributed to the melting of the ice caps there.

The Wall Street Journal looks at fines Chevron will likely pay for a spill off Brazil’s cost.

The Associated Press reports that stock values of coal mining companies tumbled Monday “as inventories continued to build with weaker demand in the slowing global economy.”

Reuters reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued an urgent plea for international action to stem greenhouse gases.