Power industry group adds veteran Dem muscle

“Ryan is an innovative thinker who has the right combination of experience, drive and leadership savvy to craft and execute strategies and tactics that will help our industry define the issues,” said Wolff, a senior vice president with EEI.

The trade group has GOP ties as well. For instance, Brian McCormack, EEI’s vice president for political and external affairs, held several positions in the George W. Bush White House, while EEI President Thomas Kuhn was Bush’s roommate at Yale.

Rudominer has also worked for several members of Congress, and was most recently with the firm New Partners Consulting.

He arrives as the power industry faces a suite of challenges, including new air pollution rules; efforts to modernize an aging grid and link it to renewable sources; changes to derivatives trading rules that affect the industry; and initiatives to boost electric vehicles.

“This is a truly innovative industry at the forefront of improving America’s energy security, strengthening the economy and creating high quality American jobs. I’m very excited to be coming on board and helping to advance these important objectives,” Rudominer said in a statement.