News bites: Energy Dept.-backed green automaker struggles

The New York Times reports on hurdles facing Tesla Motors, a federally supported manufacturer of high-performance electric cars.

The Wall Street Journal concludes that Tesla’s disclosure that it needs to raise more cash was part of a “rough week” for the electric car industry.

From their piece:

These setbacks come as big car makers are gearing up to push a significant number of new hybrids, plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles onto the U.S. market. The question is whether the latest group of electric vehicles will offer enough features and reliability and an attractive enough price to move electric cars beyond niche status.

The Associated Press reports that Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell is visiting Asia to drum up support for Alaskan gas export plans.

The Houston Chronicle explores oil industry concerns about Obama administration regulations.

The Montreal Gazette reports that climate change has been a “ghost issue” in the U.S. presidential race.