George Allen slams green group, Dems for launching attack ad during Sandy

Virginia Senate candidate George Allen (R) is bashing a green group and a Democratic super-PAC for launching an attack ad against him Monday while Hurricane Sandy menaces the state.

The former governor and ex-senator has canceled campaign events Monday in his tight race against Democrat Tim Kaine, who also served as governor of the Old Dominion State.

“While George Allen sets aside campaign events, Tim Kaine’s allies show their true character by launching yet another deceptive attack ad,” said Allen spokeswoman Emily Davis in a statement.

“While Tim Kaine’s allies will put politics first, George Allen has always put Virginia first because he knows that his job is to fight for Virginians’ jobs,” she said.

The League of Conservation Voters and Majority PAC, which is trying to keep the Senate in Democrats’ hands, on Monday announced an $800,000 attack ad in three Virginia media markets. It will begin airing Tuesday, the groups said.

It accuses Allen of being the candidate who will look out for millionaires and oil companies enjoying lucrative tax breaks.

The Allen-Kaine contest to replace retiring Sen. Jim Webb (D) is listed as a "toss up" in The Hill's race ratings.

While Allen isn’t campaigning, Davis touted his record as governor, stating he has “proven that the best way to get our economy moving again is through tax relief, regulatory reform and investments in safety and education that helped him create over 300,000 net new private sector Virginia jobs as Governor.”

Allen himself won’t be on the stump. “George Allen has canceled all campaign events today to encourage Virginians to stay safe and off the roads as Hurricane Sandy approaches,” Davis said.

But the sparring in the Allen-Kaine race continued Monday despite the storm.

An LCV spokesman struck back at Allen’s criticism of their new ad.

“[I]t's pretty sad that George Allen is trying to use a hurricane to score political points, especially given the fact that ads from him and his supporters are airing in between storm coverage,” LCV spokesman Jeff Gohringer said.

Also, the National Republican Senatorial Committee also released a new anti-Kaine ad Monday that bashes the Democrat's record on education when he was governor.

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