Murkowski: GOP working on America’s energy needs while Obama politicizes

“Following the passage of a highway bill, education reform, and many others, the energy bill promises to be our next bipartisan accomplishment on behalf of the American people," she said in the GOP’s weekly address. 
“It will also be the first major energy legislation considered on the Senate floor since 2007. It’s been over eight years, folks."
Murkowski promoted the work of the Senate Energy and National Resources Committee, which she chairs, to iron out a bipartisan bill to address the country's energy needs. 
“It will help America produce more energy, it will help Americans pay less for energy, and it will firmly establish America as a global energy superpower," she said, noting that the bill will expedite natural gas exports, promote hydropower and make other bold changes to how the nation handles energy. 
She also chided Obama for ignoring "the good work going on in Congress as he attempts to unilaterally recast our nation's energy policy." 
“His gauntlet of burdensome regulations, many just beginning to take effect, threatens the affordability and reliability of our energy. His policies are shutting down energy-rich states like Alaska, he rejected the Keystone XL pipeline on political grounds, and then his administration imposed a moratorium on federal coal leasing," she said.
“Decisions like those cost us jobs. They weaken our growth. And they strengthen some of the world’s worst actors, at the expense of hard-working Americans. There is a better path for our energy policy. And under Republican leadership, Congress is taking it."