Oil industry urges court to scuttle offshore drilling challenge

Attorneys for the group say the plan should be redone because Interior failed to consider the economic value of not going ahead with leasing, in some cases. E2-Wire has more on CSE’s case against Interior’s plan here.

API, the Independent Petroleum Association of America, the U.S. Oil & Gas Association and the International Association of Drilling Contractors are seeking to intervene in the case on Interior’s side.

The groups’ filing with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit makes several arguments against CSE’s ability to establish the legal standing needed to bring the case.

Here’s a bit from the filing about why the industry groups argue CSE can’t show that it will suffer an injury from Interior’s plan:

CSE as an organization plainly has not suffered any legally cognizable injury. By its self-description to this Court, CSE “works to speed the transition to a sustainable society through rigorous analysis of policy, programs, and projects, by developing creative solutions for government agencies, businesses, non-profits, and educators, and by providing expert support for legislative, administrative, and legal campaigns.” ... Nothing in the approval of the 2012-17 leasing program will impair CSE’s ability to continue to pursue that political agenda.