World Bank chief: Obama’s inaugural speech could ‘reignite’ climate push

Kim’s op-ed lays out several priorities to put the planet on a lower emissions trajectory, including the end of a $500 billion annually in global subsidies for fossil fuels and another $500 billion in other subsidies “often related to agriculture and water, that are, ultimately, environmentally harmful.”

“The world’s top priority must be to get finance flowing and get prices right on all aspects of energy costs to support low-carbon growth. Achieving a predictable price on carbon that accurately reflects real environmental costs is key to delivering emission reductions at scale. Correct energy pricing can also provide incentives for investments in energy efficiency and cleaner energy technologies,” he writes.

The World Bank, in November, released a major report warning that the planet may be heading for a 4 degree Celsius (7.2 degree Fahrenheit) temperature rise by 2100 that would bring unprecedented heatwaves, droughts and floods.