Sen. Boxer’s ideal EPA candidate seems to describe Gina McCarthy

Boxer, whose committee will vet the eventual nominee, told reporters Tuesday that “there is someone I really like very much, who I hope is being considered, who is a deputy now.”

Asked if it is current Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe, Boxer said no. Asked if it is McCarthy, Boxer said “no comment” and added: “There are a lot of people who would be really good. I am looking for someone strong in the area of air.”

McCarthy formerly headed Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Protection, and before that held a senior role in Republican Mitt Romney’s administration when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Boxer said that experience working for a GOP governor “would always be a plus.”

“Bringing bipartisanship to the table is good, bringing knowledge to the table is good, and bringing a woman to the table is really good too,” Boxer said in the Capitol.