News bites: Euro industry flocks to US gas, the latest on Exxon’s spill cleanup

The Washington Post reports that low U.S. natural gas prices have European manufacturing companies “setting sail across the Atlantic to stay competitive.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that as big oil-and-gas companies push out smaller rivals in the Marcellus Shale, safety gets better.

The paper reviewed Pennsylvania records and draws a larger conclusion:

The state offers a glimpse of the direction the U.S. drilling boom may be headed in Texas, North Dakota and elsewhere, as Big Oil increasingly takes over from the smaller, risk-embracing but often cash-strapped companies that pioneered tapping oil and gas from shale. Regulators and some environmentalists say the multinationals bring more rigorous approaches, mindful that one big mistake can affect their ability to operate everywhere.

Reuters reports on the Israeli navy’s plans to protect the country’s offshore natural gas fields.

ABC News reports on falling gasoline prices.