Oil industry, health advocates battle over EPA gasoline rules

But the American Petroleum Institute (API) has long argued that the rules will saddle refiners with billions of dollars in costs for little gain, noting that existing rules have already forced sharp cuts in sulfur content.

The analysis they commissioned finds the vehicle emissions and gasoline rules would bring “only very small additional improvements in 2022 summertime ozone concentrations.”

Bob Greco, who oversees refinery issues for API, said the study prepared by Environ International Corp. shows that “removing the last bits of sulfur left in gasoline, which will require massive costs, would not lead to measurable ozone reductions.”

But environmentalists attacked the industry-commissioned report.

“The study looks at a time period before the rule is even fully in effect, distorting the results and failing to assess the full benefits of the program,” said David Friedman of the Union of Concerned Scientists.