Ford lobbying on Keystone pipeline

But a Ford spokeswoman said the company does not have a position on Keystone.

“We have not been up to the Hill and advocated a position on Keystone. However, we are closely monitoring developments as it may impact commodity prices, which would be of interest to Ford,” spokeswoman Christin Baker said in an email.

Ford is the only one of Detroit’s “Big Three” automakers that lists Keystone among its lobbying areas.

Keystone remains under Obama administration review, and the project is at the center of a fierce political and lobbying battle.

Business groups and a substantial number of unions back the pipeline, while environmentalists are working hard against it.

Bloomberg looks at the scope of the lobbying here, noting that recent filings show 48 parties lobbying on the project.

In addition to oil sands crude, the pipeline is also slated to carry oil from the booming Bakken oil formation in Montana and North Dakota.

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