News bites: Sen. Boxer wants Justice Dept. probe of nuke plant

Here’s the AP on the latest twist in the saga of California's hobbled San Onofre plant:

The California Democrat obtained a 2004 internal letter written by a senior Southern California Edison executive that she said "leads me to believe that Edison intentionally misled the public and regulators" to avoid a potentially long and costly review of four replacement steam generators before they went into service.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S. oil-and-gas boom is “deepening splits” within OPEC.

Reuters reports on the politics of natural gas in Europe.

Time magazine looks at Germany’s aggressive efforts to development renewable energy – and what it means for power prices there.

AP reports that General Electric is making a big investment into oil-and-gas equipment as U.S. production increases.

“General Electric is opening a new laboratory in Oklahoma, buying up related companies, and placing a big bet that cutting-edge science will improve profits for clients and reduce the environmental and health effects of the boom,” the story states.