News bites: Kerry presses India on climate change, hurdles for US nuke plans and more

The New York Times reports on Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to India.

“Secretary of State John Kerry urged India on Sunday to begin to address climate change by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases even as it attempts to bring electricity to tens of millions of its citizens now living without it,” the paper reports from New Delhi.

Kerry’s full remarks are available here.

Back in the United States, The Wall Street Journal reports that “disputes over the use of small-scale solar power are flaring across the nation.”

The Houston Chronicle explains why plans for new nuclear power plants face big hurdles.

“Cheap natural gas, high construction costs and a disaster in Japan have combined to dim prospects for a resurgence in nuclear power — especially in Texas’ unregulated market where utility companies must bear all of the financial risk of building new plants,” the paper reports.

The Associated Press checks in on U.S. gasoline prices.