News bites: Fallout from Obama’s climate plan, cyberattacks threaten energy industry, and more

The New York Times reports on a study that could affect the battle over the Keystone pipeline.

From the Times:

Diluted bitumen — the blend of thick Canadian crude that would be shipped by the proposed Keystone XL pipeline — is no riskier to transport than other types of crude oil, a new study has found, a conclusion that came under sharp attack by environmentalists.

The study, which was conducted by the National Academy of Sciences and released on Tuesday, found that batches of diluted bitumen were no more likely to corrode or damage pipelines. And it determined that pipeline operators had no reason to change the way they handled the product.

Reuters looks at a new report that finds that U.S. oil and gas operations are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

The Denver Business Journal
unwraps a new forecast of the growth of natural gas-powered vehicles.