Wasserman Schultz: Manchin not part of 'Flat Earth Society'

“The regulations the President wants to force on coal are not feasible. And if it’s not feasible, it’s not reasonable,” Manchin said in a statement.

“It’s clear now that the President has declared a war on coal,” he added. “It’s simply unacceptable that one of the key elements of his climate change proposal places regulations on coal that are completely impossible to meet with existing technology."

But during the speech, the president dismissed the concerns of those who denied climate change, declaring "we don't have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society."

“The question is not whether we need to act. The overwhelming judgment of science, of chemistry and physics and millions of measurements, has put all that to rest,” Obama said. “So the question now is whether we will have the courage to act before it's too late.”

Wasserman Schultz said that while she understood Manchin's concerns, "we've got to strike a balance between investing in renewable and alternative energy and the fossil fuels we already have."

The DNC chairwoman appeared alongside Rep. Shelley Moore CapitoShelley Moore CapitoOpioid crisis threatens GOP ObamaCare repeal Sanders to headline 'Don't Take Our Health Care' bus tour The Hill's Whip List: Senate ObamaCare repeal bill MORE (R-W.Va.), who said that with his newly announced policies, the president was "picking winners and losers."

Capito added that the new regulations "basically disenfranchises my entire state."