News bites: Federal report shows climate threats to energy system

“The blackouts and other energy disruptions of Hurricane Sandy were just a foretaste," the report says. "Every corner of the country’s energy infrastructure — oil wells, hydroelectric dams, nuclear power plants — will be stressed in coming years by more intense storms, rising seas, higher temperatures and more frequent droughts,” the paper reports.

Reuters reports on the latest International Energy Agency oil market forecast.

The Boston Globe
reports that Saturday’s deadly Quebec train derailment and explosions “probably will not slow the tremendous growth in rail shipments of oil across New England and North America.”

The Washington Post reports on data showing that green energy's share of the global energy mix has stagnated.

From WaPo:

It’s true that carbon-free sources like wind and solar and hydropower and geothermal have been growing rapidly. But fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas have also been growing rapidly in the past two decades — particularly in China and India. The result is a stalemate of sorts. The world’s energy supply isn’t any cleaner than it was in the 1990s.