EPA: No climate change-Sharknado link

The Environmental Protection Agency is feeding off the “Sharknado” Twitter frenzy. [WATCH VIDEO]

The agency on Friday warned that climate change may lead to more dangerous storms, but that scientists can’t link it to tornadoes that rain sharks.

At least not yet.

“#Climate change may lead to rising sea levels & more intense storms, but currently no science to support the occurrence of a #Sharknado,” the EPA said on Twitter.

The EPA, with that claim, joins a big pile of Twitter users riffing on “Sharknado,” the Syfy network movie that premiered Thursday night. 

The agency’s tweet rebuts the movie’s premise of a global warming-fueled storm that brings the sharks inland via tornado.

E2-Wire defers to the Los Angeles Times for more on the movie and the social media reaction:

The combination of an absurd yet self-evident premise, a clumsy portmanteau title, visual effects that would leave Ed Wood embarrassed, and D-list stars proved to be the perfect storm for Twitter snarking, with seemingly everyone – or at least seemingly everyone related somehow to the media industry – weighing in on the campy spectacle.

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