News bites: The push for pipeline, railroad safety regs

InsideClimate News asks whether the more than 70-year-old pipeline that ruptured and spilled 5,000 barrels of oil in an Arkansas suburb in March points to a larger problem.

From InsideClimate:

That leaves the public and regulators with two critical questions: Did Exxon manage and test its broken Pegasus pipeline according to established guidelines? And, if it did, is the Arkansas accident a warning that other pipelines might be at risk?

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A railroad crash in Quebec earlier this month involving a train transporting oil has incited fresh calls for more railroad safety regulations in the United States and Canada, Bloomberg notes.

The Wall Street Journal reports that California's utility commissioners are pushing for a larger fine for Pacific Gas and Electric Corp. regarding a 2010 natural gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people and injured another 58.

The Journal reports that conservatives fighting state green-energy mandates have run into some unexpected opposition — rural farmers who view renewable power as a moneymaker.