Biden, in India, calls climate change a risk to development

Here’s a little more from the White House transcript:
It matters to India – to the productivity of your farmlands, the availability of water, the risks you face from floods and rising seas.  India is already taking steps. But like us, India can do more. And we are anxious and willing to work with you.

Biden urged joint work with India to curb use of hydrofluorocarbons, which are potent greenhouse gases used in refrigerators, air conditioners and other applications.

The United States and China recently launched a joint effort to help curb the gases that are seen as a key climate risk as air conditioning demand grows in India, China and elsewhere.

Biden also urged more progress on negotiations to enable the U.S. reactor companies to be the suppliers for planned nuclear plants in India under a 2008 U.S.-India agreement on nuclear power cooperation. The efforts have hit snags over India's liability policies.
"Your leaders fully understand that in order to sustain your development India needs access to low-carbon technologies and other sources of clean energy. And that’s why when I was a United States Senator and Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee I fought so hard in the United States Senate to champion the U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Agreement. It’s part of the path to sustainable energy in a growing, powerful country," Biden said.

"But part of that agreement was India committed to work with American companies as well as you build out those nuclear plants. And it’s important that we complete the first agreement between American companies and the Nuclear Power Corporation of India," he said.