Americans For Prosperity operative heads to pro-carbon tax group

A carbon tax is a fee imposed either at fossil fuel extraction or generation with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Under most schemes, some revenues are returned to residents to offset higher energy costs.

Many conservative groups have blasted the idea of a carbon tax, saying such a measure would devastate the economy and raise energy costs. They're determined to stomp out support for the concept, though a carbon tax has little traction on Capitol Hill.

Inglis has been one of the most vocal promoters of a carbon tax, calling it a free-market alternative to emissions regulations and cap-and-trade systems. He, along with other right-leaning think tanks, says a carbon tax should be revenue neutral by coupling it with lower personal tax rates.

Inglis said that Austion can help spread that message to other conservatives.

“Conservatives need to organize and educate on a large scale to have a chance at redirecting the country towards free-enterprise solutions and away from the status quo of big-government regulatory intervention,” he said in a statement. 

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