Steyer launches $1M anti-Keystone XL ad push

Those ads were scheduled to run during President Obama’s appearance on “The Tonight Show.” A WRC-TV spokesman said the ad violated the station’s guidelines.

The advertisements will question the claims Keystone supporters have made about the pipeline's jobs impact, its benefit to energy security and its effect on gasoline prices, according to a statement.

The push is the latest in an advertising battle between Keystone detractors and boosters.

Both sides are fighting for public opinion as the State Department reviews the pipeline, though the decision will ultimately come from the White House. TransCanada Corp., Keystone’s builder, needs a federal permit to complete its northern leg.

Keystone proponents say the public already has voiced its support for the pipeline.

Oil Sands Fact Check, an industry group, circulated a pamphlet Friday ahead of Steyer’s announcement that said 70 percent of Americans back the pipeline.