News bites: US envoy seeks clarity on warming slowdown, Cuccinelli silent on climate and more

The Washington Post reports on a new study in the journal Nature that seeks to explain the warming slowdown.

“The Nature study ‘Recent global-warming hiatus tied to equatorial Pacific surface cooling,’ concludes the dominance of La Niña-like conditions have dampened the rise in global temperatures driven by manmade greenhouse gas,” the Post’s Capital Weather Gang reports.

The Associated Press reports on the war of words between Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) and BP.

The Huffington Post reports that Virginia’s GOP candidate for governor, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, “refused Thursday to address questions from reporters about his position on climate change.”

The Houston Chronicle
reports on a big deal in Egypt’s oil patch.

“Houston-based Apache Corp. is selling a third of its oil and gas business in Egypt to China’s Sinopec for $3.1 billion cash, in what the companies described Thursday as part of a global exploration and production partnership,” the paper reports.