Biz groups, GOP attack ‘social cost of carbon’ on multiple fronts

The SCC should not be used in tallying the benefits of curbing emissions in federal rule-makings, according to the groups, who allege there was an “opaque” and flawed process that lacked peer-review.

“Moreover, even if the SCC Estimate development process was transparent, rigorous, and peer-reviewed, the modeling conducted in this effort does not offer a reasonably acceptable range of accuracy for use in policy-making,” allege the groups, who say there should be “correction through a transparent, pubic process.”

• A proposed GOP amendment to Senate energy efficiency legislation would slam the breaks on use of the SCC in crafting federal regulations until the Energy Department undertakes a formal rule-making on the SCC itself.

The new action comes after the House already passed a GOP measure in early August to block the Environmental Protection Agency from considering the SCC in major energy-related rule-makings.

And coal and oil companies have begun listing the SCC as a topic in their formal lobbying filings.

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