Green groups strike back in ‘social cost of carbon’ fight

The conservative Landmark Legal Foundation is urging the DOE to re-do the rule because the June regulation because it used a higher SCC than a draft version. Landmark's petition has drawn backing from powerful industry groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Petroleum Institute and the National Association of Manufacturers.

But the green groups and efficiency advocates say the petition is unwarranted. From the comments by Earthjustice and the two other groups:
There is nothing remarkable or unlawful about the fact that, when updated data became available between the proposed and final rule, the Department used the updated data in the final rule. The inter-agency taskforce that calculates the social cost of carbon did not change its methodology in any way. It simply used the latest versions of the same group of models to generate an updated set of estimated values. The models themselves had been updated to account for recent peer-reviewed scientific findings, such as information on damages to coastal regions from sea level rise.

The dueling comments are part of an escalating battle over the SCC that’s also playing out in lobbying efforts and on Capitol Hill too. Click here and here for more.