OVERNIGHT ENERGY: White House climate aide eyes next big carbon rule

An EPA webinar found here gets into the topic. Hints about options that might be in the rule surface 27 minutes in.


Oil prices boosting US debt

The Houston Chronicle reports:

Spiking oil prices added $1.2 trillion to the federal debt over the past decade and could mean five times as much by 2040, according to a new report that ties U.S. economic performance to the cost of crude.

Check out the full story here.

The Associated Press looks at a new international climate initiative that “wants to present a more persuasive argument for action on climate change by focusing on the economic benefits of doing so.”

Bloomberg reports that oil prices fell Tuesday “on speculation that U.S.- Iranian relations are thawing and as the threat of an American military strike on Syria recedes.”

Reuters unwraps a new report about the 2010 BP oil spill’s toll on the muddy deep-sea ecosystem.


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UN plans summit next year to boost odds of 2015 climate pact

Can adding another big climate conference help rocky United Nations talks reach a binding emissions deal in 2015? United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hopes so. Click here for the whole story.

Obama vows to protect ‘free flow’ of Middle East oil

President Obama vowed Tuesday to protect the flow of oil from the Middle East and North Africa even as U.S. reliance on petroleum imports declines.

“We will ensure the free flow of energy from the region to the world. Although America is steadily reducing our own dependence on imported oil, the world still depends upon the region’s energy supply, and a severe disruption could destabilize the entire global economy,” Obama said in a speech to the United Nations. 

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Senior Dem urges probe of ethanol credit market

The chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee called Tuesday upon regulators to launch an investigation into possible manipulation of the market for ethanol credits. Click here for the whole story.

Green groups warn Obama against ‘deal-making’ on Keystone XL

Environmentalists are putting pressure on the White House not to cut a deal that would approve the Keystone XL pipeline if Canada gets tougher on carbon emissions. Click herefor the whole story.

Republicans to EPA: Pay for climate rules or don’t do them

A group of Senate Republicans is floating legislation that would block Environmental Protection Agency climate regulations unless the agency offsets their cost to other federal agencies with spending cuts. Click here for the whole story.

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