Shake-up at petroleum group

Gerard came to API with a reputation as a cost-cutter. He reorganized the staffs of the National Mining Association and ACC, the trade groups that he ran previously.

The review is expected to be completed around the first of the year. API has tried hard to update its image on Capitol Hill, as Democrats push climate change legislation intended to reduce fossil fuel use and propose repealing billions of dollars in new taxes. It has brought women, Hispanics and African-Americans who work in the industry to Washington to lobby members and sponsored "Energy Citizens" rallies last August in opposition to climate legislation.

The reorganization is designed to improve API’s advocacy, both at the grassroots level and in Washington.

“I think we can be more effective than we are in public policy development,” Gerard said. “This industry has been punching under its weight.”

API employs around 250 people, most of who are involved in efforts other than lobbying.