Clock is ticking on appliance standards enforcement, Energy Department warns. Plus, another loan guarantee.

Once January 8 passes, it’s time to get tough on enforcing the reporting requirements, DoE said, threatening civil penalties and fines. “This 30 day period will provide all manufacturers the same opportunity to submit correct data to DoE before we begin broader enforcement actions,” General Counsel Scott Blake Harris said Wednesday.

-- DoE has provided Red River Environmental Products, LLC a conditional $245 million loan guarantee to build an activated carbon plant in Louisiana. Activated carbon is used to cut mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants.

The company expects to create 500 construction jobs to build the plant and 70 jobs to run it, according to DoE. It’s the fourth loan guarantee commitment the department has announced. DoE has issued a $535 million loan guarantee to a California company – Solyndra, Inc. – to expand manufacture of advanced solar panels, and made conditional commitments to a wind turbine maker and an energy storage company.

The loan guarantee program was authorized in a 2005 energy law but was slow to get off the ground, and DoE did not begin providing guarantees until this year.