Sensenbrenner: Election year will sink Obama's climate agenda

“It will be very difficult for the Democratic majority in an election year to muster the votes to get it passed through the House of Representatives,” he said at a press conference with several other GOP members of the House delegation at the talks.

Republicans are targeting vulnerable Democrats -- such as Tom Perriello (Va.) -- that voted for the bill.

Sensenbrenner similarly predicted that Congress would not endorse Obama administration pledges to substantially expand aid to developing countries to fight global warming and adapt to climate shifts.

Sensenbrenner said concerns about the deficit and faltering domestic economy would make lawmakers wary of expanding foreign aid, adding that supporting the aid “is not the way to get reelected.”

The GOP members of the 21 member congressional delegation oppose mandatory emissions reductions, and argue that U.S. climate legislation would cost jobs. Supporters say it would prompt major job growth in green energy sectors.