Majority still supports action on climate

There was less positive feelings for the idea of paying into a $10 billion/year fund to help developing countries lower their own emissions. Only 39 percent of respondents supported the plan, while 57 percent opposed it.

The “Climate gate” email controversy may be having some impact. Asked “How much do you trust the things that scientists say about the environment?”, 29 percent responded that they trusted the scientists “completely” or “a lot.” That’s largely in line with what previous polls showed. But the number of people who fall in the “do not trust” category rose to 40 percent, a 10 point increase from a poll taken in July.

And although 65 percent of respondents said they supported government regulation, the last time the question was asked by the poll back in June, 75 percent of respondents had said yes and only 22 percent had said no.