Senate faces January vote on EPA greenhouse gas rules

Her plan would have required EPA to take a one-year hiatus from crafting restrictions, and Murkowski spokesman Robert Dillon said the debt bill amendment is the same measure.

Dillon said it is not certain that Murkowski will seek a vote but noted that the unanimous consent agreement reached Dec. 22 on the debt measure gives Murkowski the option. The agreement requires 60 votes for the amendment to pass.

Separately, Murkowski is seeking a so-called resolution of disapproval that would allow Congress to block EPA’s “endangerment finding” that greenhouse gases threaten human health – a precursor to emissions regulations.

Democrats and White House officials say they prefer Congress creating a new emissions law, but that EPA must move ahead if Congress does not act.
Murkowski’s amendment to the debt ceiling bill would likely face a tough climb reaching 60 votes, though Dillon argues “there are a lot of moderate Democrats that support what we are doing.”