Grassley: Murkowski measure to block EPA rules unlikely to pass

Democratic leaders agreed to allow a vote on Murkowski's amendment -- if she chooses to offer it, which, as of Monday was unclear.

Even if Murkowski does offer the amendment and somehow pass the Senate, Grassley asserted the provision would likely be dead-on-arrival in the House, and with President Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaMcCarthy: ‘No deadline on DACA’ Democrats will need to explain if they shut government down over illegal immigration Trump’s first year in office was the year of the woman MORE.

"Let's suppose it passed the Senate. What about the House? I think it'd be difficult there unless it becomes a big political issue between now and the election," the Iowa Republican explained. "But then that process is subject to a veto."

Grassley did hint that Murkowski could offer the provision as a rider to another appropriations bill as a short-term effort to block EPA regulations.

The EPA has moved to regulate greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change since being granted the agency authority. Republicans have protested those moves as a back-door attempt at new climate change rules for the U.S.

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