Lincoln responds to ‘dirty dozen’ designation

A “dirty dozen” designation may be a good  thing for Sen. Blanche Lincoln (Ark.), a Democrat facing a tough re-election in a conservative state. She gets to defend herself against attacks by a "Washington-based," "liberal," and "extremist" "special interest."

In a five-paragraph response, the Lincoln campaign managed to slip in all those political pejoratives in reference to the League of Conservation Voters, which was responsible for the dirty dozen tag. The campaign reassured voters that "threats" from a "special interest" wouldn't keep Lincoln from being a “strong and independent voice” for her state. 

"I have built a practical, common-sense record on energy and environmental issues while working closely with Arkansas environmental advocates," Lincoln said, in the release.  "Threats from extremist groups from outside our state tell me I'm doing something right for Arkansas."