Energy Dept. sees nearly $2 billion boost under White House plan

Other increases include a boost of $550 million for nuclear nonproliferation programs and a boost of $750 million for securing and extending the life of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile, The White House said.

Obama has proposed a three-year freeze on many non-defense spending programs. But he’s not calling for an across-the-board cut, rather a mix of reductions and increases.

The proposed DoE boost drew a cheer from Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.).

“This Budget Request is a powerful statement of the priority that President Obama is giving to energy, technological competitiveness and nuclear weapons security imperatives, despite the tough fiscal environment we find ourselves in,” said Bingaman, who also applauded an increase in basic energy science research.

“On most major programs in the department, the President’s budget request basically gets it right.  I hope that this request attracts vigorous support from everyone who cares deeply about securing our nation’s energy future, boosting our economic growth and combating nuclear nonproliferation,” he added.

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