Schumer slams EPA pace on plastics additive decision

In particular, Schumer is irked that the chemical was left off the list of chemical “action plans” -- which are a step towards possible new restrictions -- that the agency released in December. The agency said at the time that a plan for BPA was still under development.

Schumer’s letter asks for a written explanation for this “confounding decision.” In a press release, Schumer also flagged a recent story in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that said EPA’s decision to hold back on a BPA action plan followed a meeting with chemical industry lobbyists.

“While the newspaper provided no evidence that the EPA’s happened as a direct result of the meeting, it did raise questions about why the agency would back off its previously tough approach on BPA,” the release noted.

Schumer has authored a bill that would ban BPA from food or beverage containers marketed for children three years old and younger.