Obama Earth Day message: Environmental change ‘won’t come from Washington alone’

President Obama on Tuesday encouraged Americans to take part in local environmental projects, releasing a message ahead of next week’s Earth Day (April 22) that touts administration policies but adds that “it’s clear that change won’t come from Washington alone.”

“It will come from Americans across the country who take steps in their own homes and their own communities to make that change happen,” Obama said in a videotaped message released by the White House.

“That’s why, as we get ready to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, I want to leave you with a challenge,” Obama continues. “I want you to take action – in your home or your community; at your school or your business – to improve our environment. It can be as simple as riding the bus or the subway to work, making your home more energy efficient, or organizing your neighbors to clean up a nearby park.”

The message promotes a new White House website (www.whitehouse.gov/earthday) that connects visitors to volunteer programs in their communities, such as tree planting projects.