Chemical, steel companies cheer Senate Dems seeking climate bill protections

“We applaud Senator Brown and his colleagues for their steadfast efforts to ensure that clean energy legislation recognizes the global competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing as a priority for our economic and national security,” said American Chemistry Council CEO Cal Dooley in a statement.

“They have described a number of important provisions needed to avoid the loss of good American manufacturing jobs and the ‘leakage’ of greenhouse gas emissions from the United States to other, more carbon-intensive nations, which would result in higher net global emissions,” continued Dooley, a former Democratic congressman from California.

The letter also drew praise from another industry trade group, the American Iron and Steel Institute.

“Coming from America’s vital manufacturing states, these Senators understand how critical it is for any comprehensive climate legislation to address key issues essential to maintaining a strong U.S. industrial base,” said Thomas Gibson, the group’s CEO.

“The manufacturing states Senators appropriately recognize the importance of providing a full allocation of allowances to energy-intensive, trade-exposed manufacturers for both direct emissions costs and to offset the expected increases in energy costs that manufacturers will face,” he added.