Interior to approve Cape Wind energy project – report

From the Globe:

Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs secretary Ian Bowles, while not confirming the approval of the Cape Wind project, said this morning that he doubted it would be denied. “I don't think he is coming to tell Governor [Deval] Patrick, who has steadfastly championed the project, bad news. I think this is likely the shot heard around the world for American clean energy,”

Several sources with knowledge of the wind farm project said they expected Salazar to announce approval of the project today.

The Boston Herald also reports that Salazar is likely to approve the project.

The project is seen as a bellwether for other efforts to tap abundant wind resources off the Atlantic Coast. Cape Wind has faced numerous controversies and setbacks, including opposition from some Cape Cod homeowners and two Wampanoag American Indian tribes.

The tribes argue that the turbines will obstruct a view of the rising sun that’s vital to traditional ceremonies, and may also disturb ancient burial sites that have since been covered by the ocean.

But environmental groups and other renewable energy advocates have pushed for the project’s approval.