Pelosi: Oil spill must be considered when judging Obama's drilling plan

The Speaker's comments come after Obama received a briefing on the spill Thursday morning, underscoring the likelihood it will impact the debate over his drilling plan as well as sweeping climate change legislation set to be considered by Congress following the completion of the financial regulatory overhaul.

Those opposed to Obama's drilling plan have said the spill should cause the administration to reconsider its decision to expand offshore exploration.

Federal and congressional investigators are currently examining the spill to determine its cause.

President Barack Obama said in a Rose Garden statement Thursday that his administration "will continue to use every single available resource at our disposal, including potentially the Department of Defense, to address the incident."

But the White House has not said that plans to expand drilling areas should be sidelined.

Pelosi did say that, overall, drilling is safer than it was years ago, but that safety could be improved.

"There is much safer drilling than when we started this fight many years ago," said Pelosi, when than added that there is "room for improvement."

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