Louisiana lawmakers: BP, feds should be ready to pay

In the wake of the Gulf of Mexico’s catastrophic oil spill, Louisiana lawmakers made clear Sunday that they expect their constituents to be compensated for the expected damage.

Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-La.) and Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) said on CBS’s "Face The Nation" that the federal government and BP, who leased the oil rig responsible for the spill, need to be prepared to step in with funds so Louisiana can recover.

Melancon said he has already written a letter to the National Marine Fisheries Services saying the agency should prepare to allocate monies to the fishermen affected by the oil spill.

“This is about saving what makes their living. This is about the area that they've all grown up in and grown to love and make their living from it,” Melancon said. “So it's important to them that they save it.”

Landrieu said the oil company responsible for the spill will be faced with determined lawmakers who want to see their constituents compensated for their losses.  

“BP has tremendous liability,” Landrieu said. “Our delegation is going to be very strong in making sure anyone who was affected is fully compensated.”