E2 Round-up: BP struggles to contain spill that threatens the Gulf coast, BP's own reputation and future plans to drill offshore

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said it could take 90 days to plug the leaks, in the Washington Post.

* Gulf disaster came as BP worked to rebuild tarnished reputation

The Wall Street Journal looks at the damage to BP’s reputation: “When Tony Hayward took over BP's leadership from John Browne three years ago this week, the company was at one of the lowest points in its history: badly run, accident-prone and accused in the aftermath of a deadly explosion at its Texas City refinery of putting profits before safety. Mr. Hayward turned BP around, boosting production, cutting costs and significantly reducing on-the-job injuries. Last month, he was confident enough to talk of an irreversible ‘change of culture’ at BP.

“None of that seems to matter now, as BP heads into the crisis grinder that has chewed up big names like Toyota and Goldman Sachs. And with about 5,000 barrels of oil leaking from the damaged well each day, Mr. Hayward knows it.”

* Expanded offshore drilling will depend on extent of damage, BP CEO says

BP CEO Tony Hayward says the oil spill could do stop building momentum to expand offshore drilling.

“If the environmental impact is serious, as a consequence there won’t be much if any extension of offshore drilling,” BP CEO Tony Hayward said in an interview with Bloomberg.